WCW – Bubz Beauty

Hello Wonderlanders!

I’m on a bit of an unintentional beauty streak this week.  I actually didn’t realize it until early this morning that my posts so far this week have all been beauty related. I’ll keep this streak for the week, and while I can’t guarantee it won’t happen again, I hope you enjoy it and all the random bits of madness I’m sharing.

Growing up in a predominantly white and Hispanic/Latino community as one of the only Asians, who also happened to be awkward and nerdy, I didn’t have many role models of the same ethnicity to look up to.  I didn’t really watch TV or surf the Internet growing up because my parents restricted my time with electronics until the end of middle school.  Whenever I could sneak onto the Internet, I would look up fanfictions and check my secret MySpace account, and look for more “emo” music to listen to.  One of my only Asian friends at that time, Jennifer (who to this day remains my long-standing Asian/Tawianese Best Friend from Childhood), introduced me to a few YouTube artists and among them was a girl from the United Kingdom who used the name Bubbiosity  for her videos.  I remember the first video I watched of hers was “Let’s Get Wasted!” (http://youtu.be/2tyOrf0yGLs) which was both hilarious and somewhat truthful.  She made fun, uplifting videos and was never scared to put herself down while on camera.  Over time, her content has changed a little and become much more focused.  However, she never lost her theme of trying to make other smile and happy.

Lindy is the girl behind the videos. She is successful, and genuine and it makes me want to be her.  She got married over a year ago, has been a proud mom of two furbabies and is now a proud mother to her darling Peanut.  She has her own clothing and make-up brush line and is still very active on YouTube.  So active in fact, that she’s created multiple channels (BubzBeauty, & BubzVolgz) to handle all the different stuff she does.  If you have time, check out her awesome beauty tutorials on YouTube at BubzBeauty.

Hats off to this inspiring lady who has been uplifting spirits around the world.  As Bubz would say, “It’s a bubbiful life!”  Watching her videos gave me confidence in my own nerdiness and inspired me to be proud of my heritage instead of being ashamed and hiding it.  This has been a big step in me becoming me.

As always, feel free to comment, ask questions, or critique below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.  If you have time, answer a question for me – Who was your role model growing up?  Who first gave you the confidence to be you?

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