Five for Friday – Random Goals for 2015

Hello Wonderlanders!

I’m late, and I apologize, but I’ll be sharing 5 random goals from my list of 20+ goals.  I prefer the term goals instead of resolutions because goals are ideas that we work towards with a positive energy.  A resolution just sounds way too stuffy and solid with no inspiration.

With help from, here are my Friday Five Random Goals for 2015:

  1. Stop stifling your creativity! Let it all out!  (#15) Too often we get enraptured in our everyday lives without taking time to pursue our passions, and that was a huge problem for me in 2014.  I stopped doing the things I enjoy most and it came out with a vengeance in the form of money spending.  I ended up buying lots of planners and crafting supplies, so now, to make the most of it, I’m going to use all of what I’ve bought to make creative things that I hope to share with others.
  2. Find a full time job. (#11) I’m a full time college student working part time.  If everything goes according to plan, I’ll be graduating December 2015 – right in time to go job hunting for my starting career.  I don’t think I have the means to turn blogging or my soon to open store into a full time profession, so I need to go and find a job that will help me establish my career.  I know the job market is hard, but if there’s a will, there’s a way.
  3. Enjoy technology, but don’t let it take over your life.  Know when to put it down/away.  (#19)  I was born into the tech generation, the generation of humans whom get to enjoy the fruits of the labor the baby boomers.  It is a privileged life saturated with rich technology that makes everything fast and at the tip of our fingers.  But what happens to that social connection and learning to socialize when we’re too busy staring at our screens and twiddling our fingers?  Will we just get awkwarder as a society?  Dumber and dumber?  I want to know more about the people around me by being able to listen to their stories out loud, actually seeing them before me so I can understand their emotion in the expressions they bring.
  4. Make mistakes.  Then learn from them.  (#13) I’m the child who needs to touch the fire to learn that it really burns.  It doesn’t matter what I’ve heard or seen.  I have to do it myself.  But I don’t like to think of mistakes as negative experiences – there’s so much to improve from making them.  The more I make now, the more prepared I will be when confronted with the same or similar situation.
  5. Love more, live more, and regret nothing. (#1)  Sometimes despite our best intentions, we spend so much time planning and thinking and worrying that we forget the big stuff – like living in the present.  Looking at the past creates depression, looking at the future too often creates anxiety, so live in the present.  For me, this year will be the year of new beginnings, crafting, pen pal letter writing, opening my own crafting store, blogging, and graduating from college.  I’m going to make mistakes, but I’m not going to let myself regret them because they are little lessons in their own. Regrets just weigh us down.  (Quoted from my Instagram: @allys.n.wonderland)

What are your goals for 2015? Share them below in the comments!