Five For Friday – Beauty Edition

Hello Wonderlanders!

I’ll be sharing my first Five For Friday items today!  I apologize for the late post – it was a busy day.  It’s a beauty edition and I’ll be listing and discussing my top five beauty must-haves!

  1. Lip Balm – I am quite addicted to my chap stick and lip balms!  If my lips are dry and I’m aware of it, it’ll drive me to distraction.  I almost compulsively put on chap stick any time my lips loose that smooth feeling. My traditional go to ones are the Chap Stick Moisturizer original.  More recently I’ve also been using Burt’s Bees which are a bit more expensive, but also really nice with flavors that are fruity, yet natural.  I’ve noticed that the Chap Stick seems to last a little be longer than Burt’s Bees, but they’ve both been awesome at keeping my lips moisturized.
  2. Lotion or Moisturizing Body Cream – I am currently favoring L’occitane Fortune 8 Hand creams (30 ml tubes sold as a set of 8 with four original hand creams and 4 floral scents).  I always carry lotion wherever I go, especially in the wintertime because my hands get dried, chapped and split easily.  For overall body lotion, I personally prefer Jergens because it isn’t too thick, and doesn’t leave any oily residue.  I also use glycerin or baby oil in the winter since my skin is more sensitive to the weather.  My favorite scent in lotions is Berlye Taga’s “White Pearl Sakura Goat Milk Moisture Body Milk Lotion.” I use this one sparingly for it’s scent, because I don’t feel like it really quite moisturizes much.
  3. Sunscreen – I live in sunny SoCal where the perpetual sunshine provides a lovely tan but also increases the risk of skin cancer and spotting of the skin.  I don’t care where I get the sunscreen, I have to have it for my arms, legs and face and neck no matter what the weather is.  Any face products I use, like moisturizer (tinted or untinted), BB cream, all have to have sunscreen as part of the package.  My go-to sunscreen is Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen in SPF 70 or 55.  It is lightweight, doesn’t make my face oily, and doesn’t have any lingering fragrance.
  4. Mascara – I’m lucky that I can get away with just using mascara to make my eyes pop and on a busy morning, if I don’t have enough time to apply a full face of makeup – mascara does the trick to make me look more alert and awake.  I don’t have any that I really like, because I feel like all mascara’s work pretty well, but I’d love to hear your opinions about it.
  5. Facial cleanser/make-up remover – This really helps you maintain healthy skin.  Depending on your skin type, you’ll need to do some research to find your best match in cleanser.  For some of my friends, a generic drugstore cleanser works wonders, but for others, they need a specialty cleanser.  For those of you whom wear make-up a lot, a good make-up remover is a necessity, as any residue left on your skin can cause a breakout.  I use an exfoliating cleanser at night to rub away  any dead skin, and a gentle cream cleanser in the morning to wash out any oils I may have accumulated on my face through the natural process or via transfer from my hair to pillow.

What are your top 5 beauty must-haves?  Comment below and have an awesome weekend!  If you enjoyed this content and would like to see more, don’t forget to subscribe!