Male Crush Monday – Stephen Amell

Hello Wonderlanders!

How was your weekend?  I kicked mine off by hanging out with some old friends and trying out a new restaurant.  Then I spent the rest of the weekend with my fambam getting things ready for Christmas.  I think I lost the drive halfway between wrapping my few presents nicely.  When I started, I was super excited and looking forward to trying out Japanese gift wrapping methods (look it up on YouTube) which looks easy but was really much harder to do.  By the third to last present…let’s say the quality was a little bit lacking.

I also found a few penpals both domestically and internationally and I am super excited to see where this goes.  Now I really have to schedule out my days to fit everything in.  Anyone else find out that when they go home for the holidays, suddenly all your time becomes your mom’s time?

Anyways, on to the main male for today – Stephen Amell. Some of you may recognize this handsome man from CWTV’s show Arrow.  He’s got good looks, amazing abs, and does this ridiculously hard workout thing called the salmon ladder while making it look super easy (Don’t be fooled – it’s harder than he makes it look).  He’s taken ladies, and a father to a darling daughter that he sometimes showcases on his Facebook fan page.


I don’t just crush on a guy simply for his looks.  I’ll admire them yes, but crushing on them is whole different thing.  I’ve got standards.

Behind the good looks, Mr. Amell also supports fundraisers for cancer research or to benefit families that need the money to support cancer treatment for a loved one. He has an ongoing “F*ck Cancer” T-shirt fundraiser ( and was recently challenged to an archery shoot-off by Ryli Valliere.  He uses social media with a deftness of hand, humble and genuine with his fandom and not afraid to share his opinions of things going on in society.  There is human arrogance in some of his words, but not that archetypal celebrity arrogance.  He doesn’t use his social media like other celebrities to propagate mindless self-indulgence, but rather to provoke thought and support.  He isn’t promoting his show and ignoring his fandom, but rather interacting with them and encouraging them to give feedback.

I’m interested to see what he’ll do in the future, but for now, keep doing what you’re doing, Captain Sinceriously.

What do you think of Monday’s man?  Comment and respond below!

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