Hello all!

Wednesday, September 2: Describe your ideal day.  Where would you go and what would you do?

My ideal day would start with me waking up from a great 8 hour nap followed by a relaxed morning routine that culminated with a light refreshing breakfast.  If the weather is nice, I would take my dog on a long walk before coming back to my desk to work on my journal, planner, or pen pal letter. I would not have work that day, and food would be magically prepared and available right away.  I would be able to easily multi-task and watch several crime procedurals on Netflix of Hulu as I accomplished my tasks, and the room would also be capable of magically putting itself back in order.

With my return to living home alone and my part-time jobs, I have been so much busier and worse yet, exhausted from minimal sleep, long hours sitting in traffic, and a non-existent diet because I am very unmotivated to do any sort of cooking.  When classes were in session, my ideal day would’ve included riding horses and taking care of them.  But times change, and so do our goals and desires. What would your perfect day be like?

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