Mani Monday – The Time We Used a Stamp Kit

Hello Wonderlanders!

I do sincerely apologize for the delay in this post.  I did warn you that I’d be bad at getting things started and sticking to it, but at least I’m getting this post up!  Today, I wanted to share with you a kit that I enjoyed using for fine nail art.  Usually when I do my nails, I stick to easy things like one basic color.

This is a throwback to June 2013 when I was taking summer classes with my friend Crystale and we were bored.  She told me about this nail stamping kit that she had invested in to do her nails with and I wanted to try it.  We ended up at her parent’s home and having a manicure party which resulted in the pictures below.

My right hand.  Butterflies and flowers design in silver and deep blue.

My right hand. Butterflies and flowers design in silver and deep blue.

I have a really hard time making decisions regarding myself.  So I drove Crystale nuts with my indecision on what colors I wanted.  It then turned into whether I should do blue or silver, and her mom cut in, suggesting I just did both.  That suggestion was definitely worth it.  I love cool colors and the metallic silver just really complimented the coloring as well.

The first shot of my left hand - notice the fine lines of the stamping on both the butterfly and flowers.

The first shot of my left hand – notice the fine lines of the stamping on both the butterfly and flowers.

I do apologize for the crappy photos – they were taken on my iTouch 4th generation which doesn’t have a great camera.  I think that the detailed art of the stamps are still visible though.

My left hand has the reverse color motif of my right hand.

My left hand has the reverse color motif of my right hand.

The stamping process went a little like this:

✻ Paint the nail with your base coat, then your base color. Allow each to dry completely before layers.

✻ Select stamp image and color from selection. Paint the image selected on the image plate.

✻ Scrape off excess paint, then use the rubber stamper and gently roll it over the painted image from the plate.

✻ Align with nail and gently but firmly roll the rubber stamper across the nail.  Image should transfer without smudging if you do it fast enough.

✻ Wait for stamp image to dry before applying top coat.  Be deliberate with the top coat as sustained movements may cause stamp image to smear.

✻  Admire nails.  Repeat from the third step on as many fingers and toes as you’d like!

It was a little tedious getting the nails done, but they turned out so well with patience. I found a link with a tutorial directly from Konad (don’t mind the calypso-esque music and slow talking), it shows what I described above so much better.

I personally don’t have this kit, but I love doing my nails with Crystale because there are lots of fun designs to choose from and so many color combinations possible.  However, I will note that the stamping kit did not come cheap for her.  She had gotten a great deal from Sam’s Club when she purchased it a few years ago.  Looking at the website today, image plates alone are $6 and the special nail polish is about $4 a bottle.  Depending on the frequency of your manicures and how elaborate you like them to be, the Konad stamping nail art kit may be a worthy investment.  They are having a 50% overall store discount sale at the moment for a limited amount of time.  This is a link to their direct website:

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Finding Inspiration

I’m not going to lie. I read a lot. And I get a lot of ideas. But turning ideas into action? I’m horrible at it.

So to motivate myself to write continuously on this blog, I’ve come up with themes with my friends so that I have something most definitely to write about. Whether I will write on schedule, is yet to be seen, but I like to look at the bright side of things.

Before I go into my themes, I want to make it clear that the only reason I haven’t been writing since the inception of this blog isn’t because I wasn’t motivated, but because I have been busy writing up my term papers and studying and taking finals. I’m done with 1/3 of my senior year of college and the classes aren’t getting any easier. I am hoping that over my winter break I can get into the habit of staying on top of my writing so that by the time term starts, it’ll fit right in with my academic schedule. Here’s to wishful thinking!

So the themes I’ll be using as a slight guideline until further notice:

Male Crush Mondays OR Manicure Mondays (I plan on alternating these every other week.)

Tuesday Tips AND/OR Reviews (I will write these depending on what I feel like that week.)

Woman Crush Wednesday OR Wedding Wednesday (I’ll alternate these topics opposite of what’s posted on Monday. Wedding Wednesdays will be a discussion of Pinterest wedding boards I make for my friends based on what I think their style is. I have a feeling I’ll run out of friends at one point and we’ll change it to Whatnot Wednesdays, lol.)

Thoughtful Thursdays (May feature guest posts or interviews.)

Five for Friday (5 random facts about me, 5 things I like, 5 somethings that I’ll make up as we go along.)

If I’m writing Male Crush Mondays, I won’t do a Woman Crush Wednesday in the same week because I feel as if it’ll be a little redundant. And don’t worry, I don’t intend on sharing eye-candy, I’m more interested in introducing people who inspire me or that are doing great things in our world.

I apologize if this post is a bit more disorganized – I’m getting back into HTML editing and my brain’s a bit mushy from lack of sleep and studying.

I would love to hear feedback from you. Any comments, suggestions, or concerns can always be expressed below!