The Very Beginning

Welcome!  Bienvenidos!  你好!

If you’ve find my blog quite by accident, or if you did it with intent, have no worries – this is a safe place.  At least for me.  To unload the things I’ve been thinking of, the things that fascinate me, and my observations of the world at large.  You are about to embark with me on a journey of self-discovery in the midst of the toils of growing into womanhood, identity and independence. I want to see life through eyes of wonderment.

I start this blog with the intention of sharing my insights and creativity and need for organization.  I may end up discussing some hard topics, or I may have many happy posts filled with wonderment at our world.  My goal is to try and focus on the good, and not be too overly critical or disillusioned of the lives we lead, but I can guarantee no promises.

Anything I write is my own thoughts and opinions (unless noted otherwise) as I am not sponsored or affiliated to any organization at this time.

Thank you for joining me.